Vinter API
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API Error Messages

API Error Messages are returned in a response format to indicate that a requested API operation was not successful. The response includes a "result" field with the value "error"
Sample Error Response
"result": "error",
"message": "Symbol Required -- Symbol is required for this request",
"data": "",
"params": {}
In the example provided, the error message indicates that a "Symbol" is required for the request.
The Error response follow the format:
Symbol Required -- Symbol is required for this request
<Error Header> -- <Error Message>
The Error Header and Messages
  • Invalid Time:
    • End time must be accompanied by a start time
    • Start time and end time must be different
    • End time must be greater than start time
  • Invalid Limit: Limit must be an integer
  • Invalid Time Format:
    Accepted formats are:
    • YYYY-MM-DD
  • Symbol Required: Symbol is required for this request
  • Invalid Symbol:
    Symbol does not exist
  • Symbol Different Endpoint:
    Symbol frequency belongs to a different endpoint
  • Invalid Frequency:
    Frequency must be one of the following:
    • r for real-time
    • h for hourly
    • d for daily
  • Too Many Requests: Rate limit exceeded
  • Unauthorized:
    • You have not specified authorization header
    • You are not authenticated properly
    • You do not have access to requested endpoint