Single Assets Reference Rates

Active Single Assets

The active single assets endpoint provides information on which reference rates that are currently being calculated by Vinter. It offers information on which markets that contribute with transactions for each reference rate and if the reference rate is based on a conversion of multiple simple reference rates.

Single Assets Daily

For each single asset reference rate Vinter calculates an end-of-day value. This value is the official value for each reference rate and is published at different times, specified by the index methodology. All single asset reference rate calculations are part of a specific reference rates series. Every reference series has a serial number as part of its symbol. For more information please see the main section of the API documentation.

Single Assets Hourly

All reference rates also have an hourly frequency. The index values are published every hour. It works in the same way as the daily frequency except the values are considered to be indicative.

Single Assets Real Time

Finally, Vinter publishes a 10 second indicative feed for every reference rate. This feed is the median of the last transaction of all contributing markets for the specific reference rate.

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