Staking Yield Reference Rates

Active Staking Yields

The active single assets endpoint provides information on which staking yield rates that are currently being calculated by Vinter.

Staking Yields Daily

For each yield rate, Vinter calculates an end-of-day value. This value is the official value for each yield rate and is published at different times, specified by the index methodology.

For the time being, the yield estimates are extracted from APIs or staking providers' websites at 9 AM London time. It allows for a long time period for data validation and incident management. The impact on data quality is low in practice thanks to the low frequency of updates on staking providers' websites.

Every yield rate series has a serial number as part of its symbol, whose description can be found below. For more information please see the main section of the API documentation.

Vinter offers both Annual Percentage Rate (APR) values as well Annual Percentage Yield (APY) values. If the yield rate is an APR the symbol will contain apr in its name. If the yield rate is an APY the symbol will contain apy in its name.

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